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A Food #Hashtag for Your Restaurant, Every Day of the Week

As a restaurant owner, social media can be one of the best ways for you to market your business for little or no cost.  And if you use them right, hashtags can be one of the most powerful ways to get exposure on social media.  The key to using hashtags effectively is to tag your pictures and posts with tags that other people are already using so that you link your posts to others that are getting their own traffic.  But it can be very time consuming to constantly research new hashtags that are “trending,” which is where daily hashtags can be so useful.

Daily hashtags are popular, commonly used hashtags associated with specific days of the week.  And with their regularity, the most popular have picked up massive followings and see huge interactions when their respective days come around.  Here are seven different “daily hashtags” that you can use on your food and posts to get visibility once a week without any further research required.


No one likes the weekend to be over, which is why this hashtag has become so popular on Instagram.  Users usually share their sadness with starting a new work week, but you can put a fun spin on it and keep things positive by sharing ways that your food can help people beat the “#MondayBlues.”


This hashtag is super easy for restaurant owners to use since it’s already somewhat food related.  Attach it to a picture of your food to get some engagement.  Typically, #TuesdayTreat posts are somewhat decadent, so consider sharing a picture of your most popular dessert or another indulgent food.


Getting through Wednesday is just as hard for some people as getting through Monday, but it’s all downhill from there!  Hence the popularity of “#HumpDay” as a hashtag for the middle of the week.  Just like #MondayBlues, put a positive spin on this hashtag by advertising ways that people can celebrate #HumpDay or get over the “hump” by enjoying your food.


This hashtag can be a bit rowdy for some restaurant owners, but it very widely used and will definitely bring your engagement your way if you use it to display your most popular cocktails or craft beer offerings.  You can use it to advertise your food as well, by posting a pairing or a picture of one of your popular dishes with a great #ThirstyThursday cocktail recommendation.


If there’s one day of the week that people love to celebrate, it’s Friday, and you can get in on this festive spirit by sharing all of the ways that your restaurant can make #FridayFunday a blast.  Post a picture of your bar if you have one, with the caption “come on down for #FridayFunday,” or share a picture of one of your signature dishes with the hashtag and a call for people to celebrate.  People are already looking for a reason to go and have a great time as the work week ends, so you might as well do everything you can to make sure they have fun in your establishment.


“Swag” is a catch-all term for fun, classy, and good looking things, so use it on Saturdays to beckon people into your restaurant for a classy celebration.  Try posting a picture of your dining room with a caption like “bring your #SaturdaySwag for date night!”  Or post a picture of one of your popular, best-dressed servers with just the hashtag to show off their “swagger.”


Another celebratory hashtag, this time for the last day of the weekend.  #SundayFunday goes great with things like brunch cocktails or desserts, and it is a great way to encourage people to have fun and splurge one last time before heading back to work.  Consider incorporating the fact that Monday is coming up in your posts by captioning things with something like “Don’t let tomorrow get you down, #SundayFunday is here and the weekend isn’t over yet!”

Tips For Hashtagging Your Posts

Each of the posts above, with the exception of #TuesdayTreat, isn’t necessarily related to food directly.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use these hashtags to promote your restaurant, and to get some more visibility for your photos and other things you share.  You just have to get a little creative to link any of the above hashtags to your food and benefit from the exposure boost they can provide.

If you are feeling stumped about how to use any of the hashtags above, spend some time browsing Instagram and Twitter and see how other users incorporate them.  You will notice that many of the hashtag users are other businesses just like you, capitalizing on popular daily hashtags as a marketing effort.  With that in mind, don’t feel nervous about whether you are using them right.  Just have some fun, keep researching and experimenting, and hashtag away!