Everything You Need. One Low Monthly Fee. White Glove Support.

Built for restaurant owners who want to accept orders online, Orders2me is an online ordering system that allows customers to place orders from any device. Unlike with GrubHub, Seamless, and Eat24 you will have full control over your online system without having to pay outrageous fees. Orders2me finally gives you, the owner,  the all-in-one online ordering solution you have been looking for.


Testing Protect Your Margins

By accepting orders on your own website and Facebook page and not on a third-party portal you will immediately start seeing a difference in your operating margins, potentially saving you thousands in fees. Think of your online presence much like you do your physical restaurant, the fees you pay online are a lot like the rent you pay for your physical location, start paying less rent.


Get More Repeat Business

Having your online ordering system on your website and Facebook page means customers will experience your brand, your experience, and your food. This helps you attract and keep customers and builds your business for the long term, with your most loyal customers serving as your foundation. Third-party portals are more interested in driving traffic to their website and not necessarily yours. For all those reasons we designed Orders2me specifically to help you capture, retain, and market to your customers and help drive them back to your restaurant.


Get Paid Faster

With our online ordering system you will have access to your money within 24 hours of orders being taken. Most importantly your money never passes through us, it goes straight to you. Many of our customers have had to wait 2-4 weeks in the past to receive their money from other 3rd party ordering portals. Cash-flow is the life line of your business and the faster you can collect your money the faster you can use it to help you grow. Slow cash-flow has a very real cost to your business, stop paying it. 


Website & Facebook Ordering

Our platform will allow your customers to take orders directly on your website as well as on your Facebook page. Online ordering is growing year after year, make sure you are positioned to take advantage of that trend. 

Mobile Optimized

Your digital online menu is responsive and will adapt to any screen size allowing your customers to place orders on any device. Smartphones are the fastest growing technology in the history of the world, make sure your customer's can order their food on the devices they hang out on most.  

Easy to Manage

You can see all of your orders, turn the process on and off, refund orders, or view reports. All from one easy-to-use online dashboard. Your dashboard will be your go-to-home for running your Online Ordering System.

Targeted Marketing

Our platform allows you to make special offers online both for carry-out and delivery. You can also change menu items instantly and provide discounts on your online orders, all without impacting your in-store sales.

No New Hardware or Training

Our platform integrates with your existing hardware, avoiding any unnecessary investments into new tablets & equipment. Our process is also simple enough to use with minimal or no staff training required.

White Glove Support

Our goal isn’t just to get you online or improve your costs of doing business. Our goal is to make sure we overcome every obstacle together in order to create a successful online distribution strategy. Every relationship to us matters, and we show that by providing world class support.