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Noor Shikari opened Citrico in 2014. The restaurant wowed reporters. The Village Voice called it a place that “turns out plates that are, presentation-wise, a step above the average aquaria, and taste-wise, up there with the best of them.” Brooklyn Based stated that it was awed “to see a brand-new spot like this that keeps things affordable while turning out simple, old-school food that can stand bite-to-bite with most fancy fare.” 

Citrico pairs fresh authentic Mexican food with citric flavor. Think of in-house tortillas, crispy-fried quesadillas, and fish tacos topped with chipotle mayo and fresh pico. Also imagine torta and cemita sandwiches and chicken doused in onion, garlic, and citrus flavors. That’s El Sabor Citrico de Mexico in Brooklyn.

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Noor’s Problem

Restaurant owners work on a slim margin. Their fortune fluctuates with proprietors receiving more clients in some months than they do in others. Owners save for stormy days and trim expenses wherever they can. But expenses are formidable…

When Noor set up business, she used a third party delivery system just as her competitors did. Seamless, GrubHub, or Eat24 are wonderful in that they handle restaurant orders thereby liberating owners to focus on their jobs. Their shortfall, as Noor mentioned,was that they charge restaurants a 10-18% commission per order, pay them at most four weeks later, and direct traffic to their sites rather than to those of the restaurants.

The problem, was that their price hikes as Noor’s business expands which is a catch-22 situation: Pay less but stay small,or grow and pay more exponentially.

Noor could have clients call her directly, but she mostly has one server. That’s ok with Noor, but overwhelming once the phone starts ringing…

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Noor’s Solution – Orders2me

In June 2013, Rafi Cohen, a serial entrepreneur from Baruch College, created Orders2me. The program allows owners to communicate with clients from their sites. Restaurant owners could manage their own system, receive 100% profits and pay a small monthly fixed fee rather than the variable amount that the third-party systems were expecting. Owners, also receive the money in their account within 48 hours.

Owners, like Noor, also love the fact that they don’t have to worry about buying new equipment to operate the system. Orders2me integrates directly with seven major point-of-sale (POS) systems (Aldelo, Focus, MICROS 3700, POSitouch, POSlavu, Revel, and SpeedLine), so incoming orders need no manual help to enter them.

Explained Rafi:

Pre-Orders2me, only the big chains were able to afford to build custom online ordering systems to add to their websites. Orders2me offers businesses a one-size-fits-all solution. Our solution is plug-n-play; restaurants just add our button to their website and they can start taking orders immediately.

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How Orders2me Works

Customers describe what they want, quantity their orders, schedule them, and pay by credit card.

The system also supplies built-in marketing tools like email newsletters, special offers and coupons. Noor can manage her restaurant's menu: she can set prices for each category as well as fix day and time when each item is available. Noor requests that clients email or fax their orders, she controls the payment system, and reviews order history. This last option is particularly helpful since Noor can budget ahead of time and familiarize herself with client tastes. Also helpful is the general Reporting Page which tracks data about orders, items, and customers. This helps Noor improve her service.  So, for instance, Noor could see that transactions for June were the following:

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Sales of that month looked like this:

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Best-selling items were Pescado (16.1%), Guacamole (14.2%), and Bistec (9.5%):

Noor had 13 new customers, won 24 orders, and made a total of $600 excluding taxes.

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Noor bought the system in January 2015. Results were evident within the first month. They fell into three categories:

  • Cost-effective –

Noor managed to save a greater percentage of sales each month. Profits now fell into her lap instead of being deducted by third-party delivery systems.

Noor, actually, saved more than she realized since, sooner or later, she would have been compelled to hire another agent to answer her calls. Orders2me moderated them for her.

  • Time-effective

Waiters can serve customers instead of attending calls. A side effect was that Orders2me was benefiting Noor’s clients too. They had a dedicated waiter who could pay attention to them. Employees were satisfied, Noor was calmer – this must have reflected well on her clients.

  • Control

Noor could control the system herself. For someone who liked to direct, this was a boon. She could manipulate changes, evaluate feedback, and interact with her clients if she wanted.

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Noor’s Review

Orders2eat is great for business in the sense that you can have 100% control of it and be in charge of changing prices. You can also communicate with clients directly and this is what other sites lack.”
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