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How to Use Your Delivery Service to Add Value to Your Customer Experience

You might be surprised at how much your delivery service can impact the way people view and think about your restaurant as a whole. Having a great delivery service can add significant value to your customers’ experience with your restaurant. In this article, learn how things like the delivery fee, minimum charges and tipping impact the delivery experience your customers have with your restaurant. You will definitely learn a few things that you don’t know!

First of all, know that your delivery service is a huge part of your restaurant, it’s not just a small piece of it. These days, people are getting delivery more and more because it’s more convenient and also because delivery has been made simple with technology. Most restaurants have an app that works on smart devices, and all customers need to do is log onto the app, place the order, and set it for delivery. On a side note, if you don’t have an app for your restaurant, you definitely should have one!

So, when customers think about delivery these days, they think about it as a necessity, not as an option. This is why your delivery service is vital to the overall success rate of your restaurant.

If you want people to choose your restaurant more often, especially when they are going to choose a delivery, then you will want to set the delivery fee as low as you can. Or, you could change it up depending on how much money people spend. It would be a smart idea to make the delivery fee lower with the more money people spend on food. That way, there will be an incentive for people to order more, so they can get that lower delivery fee.

You should avoid making a minimum charge if you can. This will deter people from using the delivery option for your restaurant. If you really need to set a minimum fee, making it as little as $10 is always a good idea. Sometimes people just want to order something small to eat, and they don’t want to order a ton of stuff. So, make this an option for them by making the delivery fee as low as you can. Also, you can take advantage of this situation by spiking the delivery fee for smaller orders. That way, if you don’t set a minimum charge, you are still making money from the delivery fee. It’s a win-win for you!

Tipping is always something that is up to the customer’s discretion. If you want to establish tipping guidelines for your services, you can do so on your website or on your restaurant’s app. Your customers should always tip the delivery person, no matter what. That’s just how it should be–it’s common courtesy. If a certain customer doesn’t tip, time after time again, then you should keep that in mind and question whether or not you should keep serving them.

Make sure that you put emphasis on good customer service with your delivery personnel. The way your delivery men and women treat customers is a huge part of the whole delivery aspect of your restaurant. If customers have a bad experience with the person who delivers their food, it can be safe to say that they may not order from your restaurant again, and you don’t want that. So, with that being said, take pride in your delivery service and put as much effort into it as you would with any other aspect of your restaurant.

Your delivery services are a huge part of who you are as a company and who you are as a restaurant overall. The bottom line is this: Don’t skimp on it. It’s something that you can easily overlook, but you definitely shouldn’t. So, in the upcoming weeks, if you haven’t been paying much attention to your delivery services, take some time to do so!

It’s something that will definitely pay off in the long run and will set a positive, professional tone for your restaurant that will inspire people to order food from you and also to come to your restaurant in person. Being professional and offering great services is half of what it takes to maintain a successful restaurant, so instill this mindset into your employees today you can reign in on that success!