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The Frequency Dilemma: Consistency vs. Spam

You’ve put a lot of work into developing your social media profiles for your restaurant, setting up accounts and fleshing out information about your business.  And you’ve started to gain some followers, with the hope of building up your social media presence and seeing your customer base spike as a result.  But by now, the question has probably hit you: how often should I post on my social media accounts?

If you want to see your followers and fan base on social media grow, and see your posts get maximum engagement, you need to find the right post frequency for your accounts.  If you post too much, your account will be seen as “spammy,” and your followers may get annoyed.  But if you don’t post enough, your fans won’t see your posts often, and your engagement levels will be low.  Here are some tips to posting with the perfect frequency:

  1. Know Each Social Media Platform’s Posting Norms

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are all very different sites, and your posting frequency on each should meet the platform’s norms.  In general, your twitter page should be posted on most frequently, and you can start with posting on the site once every hour or two.  For instagram, you can post several photos per day, though no every hour or as frequent as Twitter.  Facebook should be posted on even less frequently: generally, norms dictate one to two posts per day until your follower base gets really big.

  1. Experiment

While there are dozens of guides and books about how often you should post on your social media accounts, the truth is that no one knows EXACTLY what post frequency will lead to YOUR best engagement results.  That’s because every business has different audiences.  Your customers are different than anyone else’s, and the exact frequency at which you should post on social media will be as unique as your diners.

Starting from the guidelines above, try increasing and decreasing your posting rate on each social media platform and see what frequencies get the most engagements.  If posting on Facebook three times a day gets your page more likes and gets individual posts more attention, keep it up!

  1. Listen To Your Gut

Ultimately, your social media fans are real people, just like you.  How often would you like to see things posted by a business you follow?  Use some common sense around posting frequency, and don’t post so many things that your restaurant looks “spammy,” as you would define the term from another business.

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