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4 Reasons You Should Update Your Online Ordering System

Have you ever logged onto a website only to find a design that looks like it was created in the 1990s? One that isn’t responsive to newer devices and isn’t user friendly? Many people, when they click to a site and see any one of those traits, quickly close the site and search for someone else. In fact, the Stanford Web Credibility Project found that most Internet users base their opinions about a company’s credibility solely on its website design.

When it comes to your online ordering platform, you want to give your online customers the best impression, and doing so requires an up-to-date experience that allows them to quickly and efficiently place their orders. While that means your online ordering system will need regular updates, it doesn’t mean you need to update your site every day.

However, there are certain instances in which you should definitely update your site – even if it has only been a few days or weeks since the last update. Keeping these guidelines in mind can help you give your customers a top-notch experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Significant Changes to the Menu

The main reason your customers come back to your online ordering platform is to order your food. From the flavors and ingredients to your cooking philosophy and mission, your regulars appreciate the effort you put into creating modern, delicious menus. Because of that, they want to enjoy your new menu offerings as well.

If you make a slight menu change, that should be added as soon as possible to your existing online ordering platform. For example, you add a new pizza topping, new bread choice, or have found a local provider for your meats.

Letting customers know about the new options can provide your customers with exciting new opportunities and give you additional revenue streams. However, this doesn’t mean you need to completely re-design your online ordering platform.

A complete redesign should be the first priority when you give your menu an overhaul. New menus provide the unique opportunity to reposition yourself in the field, and can give you a solid reason to incorporate a fresh look that picks up the same energy and background as your new menu.

New Branding

New menus often accompany new branding, which should always prompt a website re-design. Think of re-branding as a makeover for your restaurant. You’re taking the older, out-of-date components and giving them a fresh new image.

Re-branding your restaurant usually entails a new logo, different typeface, color change, or a different mission or focus — sometimes, all of these components are re-worked when you change your brand.

Re-branding should take place for a compelling reason: new ownership, new recipes or product lines, increasing competition, or other consumer-focused reasons. It helps you to reach new customers and generate excitement among current customers and experience growth.

As a result, the new website should reflect those changes. In today’s digital world, your website will most likely be the first place prospective customers visit after hearing about your re-branding efforts.

Customers want to see that you are staying on top of technological advances, and are more likely to gravitate toward brands that show their desire to use and stay proficient in new technologies.

Compelling User Feedback

Your online ordering platform should be completely focused on the customers. While the platform helps your restaurant grow, online ordering should never be designed for your restaurant’s use; instead, the goal should be to make online ordering as easy and painless as possible for your customers.

If you start to hear a common complaint or recurring theme from your customers, it may be time to update your online ordering. Customers won’t necessarily come up to you and tell you they think you should update your online ordering. Instead, you may start to hear subtle hints.

  • “I couldn’t find the toppings I wanted.”
  • “It was hard to customize my order.”
  • “The system timed out.”
  • “The coupon you e-mailed me wouldn’t take.”
  • “It took too long to load.”

Oftentimes, these can occur as a result of each customer’s individual abilities and technology; if you start to hear multiple customers saying the same thing, though, it can be indicative of a larger problem with your online ordering platform that may necessitate an update.

Important Information Changes

It should go without saying, but we’ll remind you anyway: If you change your address or phone number, update your website. If you add a location, add it to your website.

If you change your ingredients to accommodate a wider range of allergies, let your customers know by updating your website. If you now offer delivery service, update your online ordering and add the option at checkout.

When you’re looking for an online ordering platform, you’ll want to find one that is easy to update. makes adding information or completely overhauling your online ordering a breeze, with effective, proven strategies to meet your customers needs and grow your business. Contact us today for a demo.