6 Pros of Having Your Own Online Ordering System Over a 3rd Party One

Have you heard about Orders2me? If you haven’t you are about to. Orders2me is a new service for restaurants that want to offer online ordering to their customers. Although the concept of online ordering is not new, Orders2me has taken it to a new level. Take a look at why our service blows our competitors out of the water.

One Low Monthly Cost

Every restaurant is looking for cost-efficient ways to improve the business. Most online ordering systems are costly, and often tack on extra fees. There may also be additional costs tacked on if you exceed a particular number of online orders in a given month. But, with Orders2me, there is just one low monthly fee.

You will never be shocked with an unexpected fee or high percentage fees. Also, we don’t believe that your business should be penalized for being successful, so there is no monthly maximum number of orders you get with your monthly cost.

Our System Works With Any Device

At Orders2me, we know that people access the Internet in a number of different ways. So, whether your customers are at home on a desktop or laptop computer or on the go and using a phone or mobile device, they can easily access your menu and place an order. Further, it does not matter of your customer is using a PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone, our system is compatible with all platforms & all devices.

You Have Full Control

As the owner of your own restaurant, you want and deserve to have full control over every aspect of your business. Other online order services such as GrubHub, Seamless, and Eat24 retain control over your menu + customer lists. Changes and updates need to be made through them.

Adding this extra step can be inconvenient as well as expensive. On the other hand, Orders2me is arranged so you retain complete control of your menu. So, you can make any changes and updates to your menu whenever you want. Since we stay out of your update process, we don’t upcharge for any changes you make. However, we know restaurant owners are really busy people – so feel free to send over your menu and we’ll update it for you with 48 hours.

Protect Your Margins

Orders2me also helps you protect your margins. Our system will allow you to accept orders both on your website and through your Facebook page. Since the orders do not go through a third-party portal, you will immediately start seeing a difference in your operating margins.

Other services are different. Other services require you to use them as a clearinghouse. Your orders must go through them before they get to you. Their method delays the process and requires you to pay fees that cut into your profit margins.

You Can Get More Repeat Business

In the restaurant business it is of the utmost importance to turn new customers into repeat customers. If a new customer comes in once, but does not come back, you have missed the opportunity for increased business. This is another place where Orders2me shines.

We will put your menu on your website and your Facebook page. These acts will help your customers experience your brand and help you remain in their consciousness. When your brand is out there for the public to see, it helps to keep current customers and attract new ones.

Your loyal customers truly become the foundation for your restaurant. Their repeat business will help you sustain your business for as long as you want it to. Services that act as third-party portals are more interested in driving business to their site rather than to yours. Our service is specifically designed to help you capture, retain, and market to your customers and help you drive them back to your restaurant.

Get Paid Faster

Of course, you need to have a regular influx of money to help sustain your business. When you use Orders2me, you will receive your money within 24 hours of when the orders were taken. So, you will not have to wait weeks or even days for the money that is owed to you. Further, the money never passes through us, further expediting the process and making sure you get your money as soon as possible.

Third-party ordering portals  generally require restaurants to wait anywhere between 2-4 weeks to receive their money. That much lag time can be detrimental to the proper and efficient running of your business. There is no need for you to wait that long anymore. With Orders2me, you will get your money right away so you can sustain your business.

Offering online ordering to your customers is practically a necessity in today’s technological age. Orders2me gives you a new option for offering this service to customers in a more cost-effective way that provides a multitude of benefits to both your customers and to you. If you are looking for a way to offer online ordering to your customers that won’t break the bank, gets you your money fast, and helps you retain and keep customers, give Orders2me a try. You’ll love it!