9 Tips for Training Staff to Process Online Orders

In the age of instant-everything, passing up the technology train is not an option if you want to market to the takeout demographic. Increasing operational efficiency, when customers place online orders, allows you to prepare dishes in advance in an ample amount of time and set up your supplies as needed. With an online ordering system, you can spend less time preparing an order, waste fewer materials and spend less money.

You cannot simply update your business to include the right technology. You also need to train your employees on how to use it properly. Keep reading to learn about some easy tips that have helped other restaurant owners train their staff on how to process online orders.

Create a Plan

Create a training plan with clear goals. Then, write it down. Before introducing the system to your employees, have an outline ready to help you explain the process. Know the aspects of the system you wish to cover so you do not forget any important points. Keep track of what worked best and what failed. Being able to customize your training is the key to creating the best plan for you and your restaurant.

Set a Timeline

Set a timeline and stick to it. Time each phase of the process to ensure that training can be streamlined so not too much time is lost on any one area. Track the expected training times against the actual times each step takes. Focus on the segments that take longer than expected so you can adjust either your expectations or the training.

Make the Benefits to the Employees Transparent

Let your employees know exactly how they will benefit from the restaurant’s new technology. They will be more likely to embrace the change if they see that it will make their jobs easier. Employees can expect online orders to provide:

  • Faster turnover.
  • Less phone time for call-in orders.
  • Fewer mistakes on orders.
  • Happier customers.
  • More tips.

Demonstrate the Process

Show a few examples of the process from start to finish so everyone can see the big picture. Make sure your demonstrations include the processes for the following:

  • Simple orders.
  • Custom orders and orders with special instructions.
  • Station duties and their Impact.

Conduct Practice Sessions

Have your employees use the online ordering site to understand how it works from the user’s end. If they can use the site well, it will be easier to guide a customer through the process. Get them to place test orders to understand the ins and outs of customizing orders. Make sure to include:

  • Simple and Custom Orders.
  • Options Requiring Each Menu Page.
  • Payment (be sure to cover their expense if this is required).

Create a Script for Employees to Use

Offer a script for your staff to use with customers. Keep a copy printed at the host stands, cashier and service stations, as well as by the phones. It helps get the conversation started for those who are still learning about it. Coach your delivery drivers about informing customers about your online ordering feature, too.

Have Multiple Training Programs

Have more than one training program. The online ordering process will affect different stations in unique ways, so it is important that each is prepared to handle the orders as they apply to them.

Denote the Differences Between Dine-In and Online Tickets

Each station should know how to differentiate in-house tickets from those that are generated by online orders. If your ticket printer cannot perform this function automatically, a simple swipe of a colored highlighter on one type of order is all it takes to keep the orders separated.

Ask for Help

Restaurant owners who have already gone through the process of training staff on a new online ordering system can be a great help to you. There is no substitute for experience, and learning from those who have gone before you can be an invaluable experience.

Online ordering is an integral part of the food industry. Long shifts, commutes and hectic home lives are helping to boost the popularity of having cooked food ready on your schedule. Orders2.me specializes in setting restaurants up with online ordering and can help you take your restaurant to the next level. Contact us today to see how we can help you.