An Online Ordering Guide to Holiday Takeout

For some people, one of the best parts of the holidays is cooking a family meal composed of the holiday staples.  But some families are so big that cooking for everyone is impossible.  Or, family visits might stretch so long that cooking a homemade meal every night that you have company becomes more of a chore than a pleasure.  No matter your reason, not everyone has to love cooking for the holidays, and not every holiday season get together needs to end with homemade food.

If you decide that you just can’t cook over the holidays, there is an easy, elegant, and convenient option for you to get some great food from your favorite restaurants without dealing with too much additional stress.  The answer?  Online ordering.  Online ordering lets you quickly and easily order as much food as you need for delivery or take-out, and it’s a great tool to make sure that everyone in your family can enjoy a great meal during the holidays – especially when the home cooking just isn’t happening.  Here are five reasons to turn to online ordering this holiday season.

1. It’s Faster and Easier Than Phone Ordering

IF you only need one or two things from your favorite restaurant, calling them up might be a viable option. But, if you are ordering for your whole family, calling in a pickup or delivery order will take you a whole lot of time.  With an online ordering platform, you can place your orders a lot faster than you can talk, and you can save the time that’s wasted clarifying orders over the phone.  If you don’t have a lot of time to talk over your order on the phone, just turn to an online ordering platform and quickly order your favorite delivery and take-out options.

2. Everyone Can Get What They Want

Ordering with an online ordering app helps you assure that everyone in your family gets exactly what they want for two reasons.  First off, online ordering apps like Orders2Me let you view a restaurant’s menu before you order, and make it easy for you to find exactly what appetizers and entrees you are in the mood for.  Especially if you have family visiting that hasn’t been to your favorite place yet, the fact that online ordering apps have a built in menu is a big perk.

Second, online ordering apps, take a lot of the human error out of delivery and pickup orders.  When you call in your orders, you need to say everything right, and the person who is taking your order needs to hear everything right.  But if you submit your order with an online ordering platform, you won’t have to worry about being misheard.  Plus, you will be able to see everything you have ordered and make sure that there aren’t any mistakes on your end either.

3. Online Ordering Eliminates Stress

Ordering delivery or takeout instead of cooking always spares you stress, since you don’t have to worry about cooking.  But ordering with an online ordering platform helps eliminate stress in other ways too, since the ordering process will be a whole lot less frantic and chaotic.  If you have a big family, getting everyone to write down their orders or call them out while you order over the phone can be a nightmare, but with online ordering, everyone can decide exactly what they want and even easily select their own dishes if they want to.  If you don’t want to add extra stress on to your day while trying to avoid cooking weariness, an online ordering app is the way to go.

4. Online Ordering is Convenient

Yes, part of the convenience factor of online ordering comes from the fact that you can order more quickly and assure that your order is placed correctly.  But there is something distinctly and uniquely convenient about online ordering as well.  With an online ordering app, you can pick up your computer or mobile device, submit your order, get food delivered to your door, and get feasting without ever needing to place a phone call.  Plus, online ordering apps make it easy to pay for your food before it is delivered using a credit card, a huge convenience feature that will save your family the time and stress of sorting out cash for big orders.

5. Online Ordering This Holiday Supports Your Favorite Restaurants

During the holiday season, many restaurants are forced to temporarily close their doors due to low business.  By ordering takeout or delivery from your favorite restaurant during the holidays, you show support for their decision to stay open, and help with your favorite restaurant’s owners and staff a happy holiday.  The holiday season is all about giving and showing your appreciation, and nothing shows appreciation for your favorite eateries like submitting a big order for your whole family through an online ordering platform.