“Check-in” Discounts for Restaurant Owners

For restaurant owners who haven’t made the jump into the world of social media yet, one of the most common fears is that building up an online presences won’t translate into a boost of profits in the real world.

In general this fear is unfounded, but for restaurateurs looking for concrete ways that social media and the real world can interact, there is no better example of a concrete way that your online presence can translate into profits than the “check-in” discount.

What is the “Check-in” Discount?

With a check-in discount, your customers are encouraged to “check-in” at your business online in order to receive a coupon or discount.  Customers are likely to engage with your business in this way, as it is an easy way to get a deal.  Whenever eateries offer a discount, you can expect your sales to spike.  But the benefits of offering a “check-in” discount don’t stop there.

When customers “check-in” at your restaurant using social media, your business benefits in several unique ways.  First, those same customers will often “like” your pages, and become followers and fans of your restaurant online, since they will already be interacting with you in the online sphere.  Second, customers who “check-in” in effect vouch for your restaurant, as other social media and internet users will see their “check-ins” and take this interaction as evidence of your business’s quality offerings.

How Can I Set Up  “Check-in” Discount for My Restaurant?

There are several social media platforms and websites that offer the ability for restaurants to craft “check-in” deals, but it’s a good idea to stick with the most popular, that will provide the most benefits to your business.  And the two biggest and best are offered through Facebook and Yelp.

In order to set-up a “check-in” deal on Facebook, your restaurant must first have a Facebook business page already established.  From your business page’s admin panel, select the “Edit Page” option.  Then, click “Update Info” and select the “Deals” option on the page. Click “Create a Check-In Deal for this Page” and you are ready to decide what your deal will be!

To set-up a check-in deal on Yelp, you must first Unlock your business’s page. It’s free and easy, just visit biz.yelp.com & click “Create your free account now.”  After that, you will see a suite of free tools and services from your admin page, and you will see a tool to help you launch your check-in offer.