Consider Add-On Items as a Way to Boost Sales Through Online Ordering

In the restaurant business, your margins can be tight. That’s why it remains so important to look at maximizing profits where you can while also giving great customer service. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the add-on, if done right, can lead to an easy way to increase your profits. By enticing people with add-ons, you’re showing them something that they may not have thought of, but would be interested in purchasing.

Add-ons are easy to do with online orders by making the most out of your ordering platform.

How to Suggest Add-Ons the Right Way:

Make sure your ordering platform works well

The first thing you need to do is to create an easy-to-navigate website and online ordering system. If customers have a hard time making a purchase, they will not be interested in buying anything, let alone buying additional items. They will get frustrated and move on. No customer wants to spend time with a difficult website when they’re already hungry. Your online ordering website needs to work and work well.

Customers also need to be able to see if delivery is offered and how much it is. This will affect whether or not they buy anything off your menu. You need to include all of the information that customers need, beyond just food options, in a clear and easily accessible manner.

Present all of the choices that you actually offer

For someone to even consider buying add-on items, your menu must be laid out clearly. Note additional toppings wherever available. If someone orders pizza or a sandwich, for example, you want to list all of the available toppings and note how much it costs to add additional items to the basic product. Every option should appear in your online ordering system because someone may be willing to spend more money to get additional toppings. The price has to be there so customers don’t get to the end and wonder why the price went up.

Set a fair price for these additional toppings. If you set it too high, people will sacrifice taste for price, or they may navigate to another restaurant’s website altogether. If you aren’t offering what they want, or if it isn’t clearly presented, they won’t move forward with a purchase.

Show add-ons at appropriate times in the purchasing process

In addition to showcasing all available toppings while the person is making his or her selection, you can also show a customer what other items to purchase based on the order. This could be suggesting Cajun or cheesy fries to go with a sandwich or an appetizer to go with a full meal. An add-on could also be a dessert or a drink option just before checking out. Suggestive selling at the right time can help customers realize that a certain food would go with what they’re ordering and entice them to purchase more stuff. Make sure to include tasty pictures, since people are highly visual. A good photo will make them want it even more.

Consider adding tasty items like avocados or guacamole

Avocado is really tasty when added to sandwiches, and it is really good for you. Because avocado has a great reputation as a superfood, many people might be interested in adding it, even though they pay extra for it. Avocado’s reputation will work wonders for you if it’s something that makes sense with your menu. You do need to watch avocados carefully and preserve them well since they do turn brown quickly when exposed to air.

Offer add-ons in the restaurant

Offering add-ons in the restaurant involves making sure the staff is trained on what to suggest and how to suggest it. Sometimes your customers won’t react positively depending on how servers present the item. Servers should have a good reasons for suggesting an add-on. Staffers can tout that they, themselves, have tried this certain combination. If you offer wine, this is a great place for the server to suggest it. Wine is a great complement to a variety of foods. Train your servers to know what kind of wine to suggest with what dishes so as not to disappoint or irritate customers.

By offering add-ons, both online and in your restaurant, you can help increase your bottom line. Even though they’re spending more money, add-ons make the overall experience more enjoyable for your customers. A lot of times add-ons will provide flavor that your customers will love. Small details of an overall experience could create a loyal customer base that comes back for more time and again.