If you are a savvy social media user, you are probably already using hashtags to get as much exposure for your restaurant as you can on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram; by putting a “hashtag” (represented by a number sign like #) next to things you post, you connect your updates to everyone else using that hashtag.  This system of “tagging” your social network posts can be great for exposure, and get your business some unbeatable attention.

If you aren’t hashtagging your posts yet, don’t worry.  It isn’t hard to get started.  Use the following hashtags on the corresponding days of the week, and see your exposure soar.


This hashtag plays into the craziness that everyone feels at the start of the week, and connects your food to lots of other food bloggers who post comforting food shots and recipes to help people beat the Monday blues.


As long as you don’t mind getting a little risque, this is a great hashtag to use to highlight your cocktail, beverage and wine selections.  For a more family friendly hashtag, try the ever popular #TacoTuesday if you have Latin inspired cuisine to offer.


The fitness community and healthy diet crowds love this hashtag to discover some of the more nutritious offerings at local restaurants.  Tag your healthiest dishes, and watch your post popularity take off.


One of the most popular hashtags in social media, use this tag to show off some of your earliest menu offerings, events that happened at your eatery in the past, or other “flash back” style photos.  When used cleverly, this hashtag has enormous traffic potential.


With the work week finally ending, social media users are looking for the best way to unwind on a Friday night.  Use this hashtag to highlight some of your cocktail specials, weekend events, or fun and casual cuisine suitable for bar crowds.


Using this tag to tie into your restaurants social media presence will admittedly take a huge amount of creativity, but there aren’t that many daily hashtags on Saturday to choose from.  Good luck.


With everyone dreading the upcoming work week, Sunday Funday is all about keeping the weekend’s good times rolling.  If you offer good breakfast options, try combining this tag with a simple #Brunch for best results.

What are some of the best daily hashtags we missed?  What daily hashtags do you use for your restaurant?