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Food Hashtags that Millennials Love

If you haven’t heard of “hashtags” before, your social media strategy probably needs some work.  Here’s the short short version: hashtags connect your posts to everyone else that posts using a specific hashtag.  To use a hashtag, place the “#” sign next to any word in any post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or most other major social networks.  When you do so, everyone that clicks on or searches the hashtag you are using has a chance to see your posts.

Using hashtags can be a great way to help get your posts some more exposure, since anyone using the hashtag that you are using has a chance of seeing what you’ve posted.  Plus, using hashtag can be a great way to help boost your social media presence amongst diners.  Younger customers love hashtags, and luckily there are quite a few food hashtags that your younger diners and potential fans are probably already using.  Here’s a look at some of the most popular food hashtags that millennials love.


In person, your younger customers may call your food delicious, tasty, or amazing.  But on social media, #yummy is the preferred descriptor for food that is just downright good, and has an especially delicious flavor.  Post this hashtag with all of your yummiest dishes.  This hashtag is fairly straightforward, but surprisingly popular.


It’s no surprise that many of the same people that love to eat and talk about it on social media also love to cook, and the #recipe hashtag is a favorite for young food lovers looking for new things to create in their own kitchens.  Posting things with this hashtag will expose you to foodies that also love to cook and are very likely to want to talk about both things online.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to post your actual recipes, just use it cleverly by referring to the great #recipe that you use on your most popular dishes.


People who love healthy food also love talking about it, and the hashtag #healthy is one of the most used on social media overall relating to food posts.  This hashtag is most often attached to dishes that are healthy and wholesome, though sometimes people use it ironically or sarcastically to show off super decadent dishes to jealous healthy eaters.  Use this hashtag to connect with the healthy eating community and advertise some of your restaurant’s more fit friendly fare.


Instagram is a super hashtag friendly social network, since it doesn’t have as strict of a character count as Twitter and has hashtags more built into its function than Facebook.  And one of the most popular hashtags for food sharing on Instagram combines the social network’s name with the subject of posts related to the tag with #instafood.  This hashtag won’t be relevant on Twitter or Facebook, but will garner you a lot of attention on Instagram if you use it to highlight your best dishes.


Liking food and spending time talking about and appreciating food culture is now hugely trendy amongst millennials, and #foody is the preferred hashtag that people use to show off their own food knowledge on social media.  Foodies have a reputation for be discerning with their palettes while being unpretentious about indulging in good old fashioned comfort food, and people who use the #foody hashtag are likely to be big supporters of everything delicious.  Use this tag to highlight some of your dishes that critics would love.


Straightforward, direct, and to the point, this hashtag accompanies anything food related that you might want to share.  It isn’t quite as popular amongst millennials as some of the other tags on this list, but still has a huge number of posts on social media and is very flexible and easy to use.  Attach this hashtag to your posts if you have extra characters to play with.

Why You Should Care About Hashtags and Millennials

As we mentioned, using hashtags can be a great way to expand the reach of your posts.  Anything you post with any of the above hashtags attached is more likely to be seen by others, since people browse hashtags all the time.  And using any of these hashtags is especially likely to help you gain exposure amongst millennials, which is hugely important.

Not only do millennials spend lots of money on food, they also spend a lot of time interacting with social media.  By using tags that specifically appeal to millennials, you have a better chance of getting these valuable fans to see your posts.  Once they do, they will likely comment, share, and like your posts, further increasing your reach.  Networking with millennials on social media is a great way to get exposure overall, but is especially useful because by connecting with these younger fans, your social media accounts are more likely to continue getting more attention in the future.  So hashtag away, and watch those young customers respond!