With over one billion monthly active users on Facebook, almost 90 million on Instagram, and over 300 million on Twitter, your restaurant could be missing out on many potential customers if you are not utilizing social media platforms. Here are some tips to increase your restaurant’s online orders using social media.


Instagram is all about a great-looking photo. You know the old saying that people eat with their eyes, and you can utilize Instagram to post mouth-watering pictures of your food that will compel diners to order from your restaurant. Here are some ways to use Instagram to your advantage:

  • Post every day, and wait about three hours between posts.
  • Research which hashtags are trending and use them. Things like #tbt or #tipTuesday can draw a lot of attention
  • Tag local business in your photos, but not competitors.
  • Don’t sell to users, engage with them.
  • Include a website link in your bio to your online ordering site.
  • Post photos of your daily specials


Twitter only allows 140 characters per post, but if you use them wisely, they can help out your business big time. Follow these tips for success on Twitter:

  • Fill out your profile completely including your location, website, and photos.
  • Run contests that offer discounts or free items and promoted tweets.
  • Contribute to conversations relevant to your brand.
  • Be sure to respond to any mention of your restaurant.
  • Use trending hashtags.


Facebook is the most widely-used social media platform, so you want to spend some time promoting your restaurant here. Facebook is great for taking advantage of social proof, which means if people see their friends liking your restaurant and ordering from it, they’re more likely to do so, too. Here are some ways to use Facebook:

  • Run ads to your online ordering site with special deals and promotions.
  • Utilize a Facebook Ordering App that allows people to order food directly from your Facebook page
  • Post contests to get more activity and interest to your page.
  • Engage with customers and encourage them to rate you and share photos on your Facebook page

Ideally, you should be utilizing all three of the top social media platforms on a daily basis to help increase your restaurant’s online orders. If you don’t have the time or manpower to do so, choose one to focus on. Do some research to determine which platform your target audience is most active on and choose that one. Take advantage of social media to help you reach a completely new group of customers that you might be missing out on.