Is Online Ordering Beneficial for Your Restaurant?

Many industries are constantly changing. Contrarily and in several ways, the restaurant business stays the same. Dine in or take out, it takes a good menu with high-quality ingredients and recipes with a certain something to please the palates of your customers.

However, there are a few changes that you can make to your restaurant that embraces modern technology and makes life better for you and your customers. You may already have a website for users to check out information about your restaurant, but you may be missing out if you don’t have the option for online ordering.

There are numerous benefits for your restaurants when you add online ordering to your website or app.


Entice More and Larger Orders

Online ordering makes it easier for your customers to order from your restaurant. Most people know exactly what they need to do to have food show up at their door or have an order ready for pickup at a particular time. That’s because online ordering is popular for just about every item purchased today. Psychologically, online ordering works in your favor as people see the food and it triggers them in their hungry state to order more than they would’ve ordered if they were just phoning in their order. The visual appeal of an online menu tantalizes the taste buds and leads to higher purchases.


Plus, people want to make a phone call with your staff quick and easy without asking about new menu options or other questions because they realize staff time is valuable. So, they just order their usual while speaking on the phone. With online ordering, customers are more likely to pick out a few menu items in addition to their usual to give them a try since they can handle it all themselves.

Millennials and tech-savvy individuals love self-service modules. Nothing is more self-service for your restaurant than an online ordering system.

At the end of the day, no matter the reason for the larger order it ends up in boosting your revenues. That more than makes up for the initial effort it can take to start your online ordering


Order Perfection

Other methods of ordering food can result in food order errors. The person ordering may not hear the complete order being read back to the staffer. The person could miss part of the order and fill it improperly. There’s nothing more annoying to some customers than being ready to eat their favorite foods only to find that part of the order is wrong or missing.

If you have a menu that has a variety of options, there’s a chance that something may not be heard correctly in a phone order. That can mean that instead of only half pepperoni on a pizza, all of the pizza has pepperoni. For customers with picky family members, that can turn their pizza night into a fail. Achieve order perfection with online ordering.


Incentives For New and Old Customers Alike to Order

Starting an online ordering system is a great opportunity to create an incentive for your old customers while attracting new customers to start ordering. This is the perfect time to create a promotion around your new online ordering system as a way to introduce it and get people that may have been going to other restaurants for their meals to start trying your restaurant again. Create a coupon for a discount, or free item for new users to online ordering, that makes people want to order from your restaurant. It’s the perfect way to remind them of why people enjoyed your restaurant in the past. For someone new, give them a reason to try you out now.


Benefits for Your Staff

Often, when looking at the benefits that can come from implementing a new change, you can get focused on only the surface layer of benefits. With online ordering, it can be easy to only focus on those benefits that come for your customers in that they will be able to easily order which, in turn, increases your revenue.

Online ordering provides benefits to your staff in that they will have a more streamlined way of taking orders. Phone calls are often difficult, especially in a noisy kitchen. Your staff will enjoy not having to deal with all orders coming in as a phone call. No more worries over how well they can hear the customer or how well the customer can hear them. It will free up their time to handle other important tasks.


Time to Start Online Ordering?

You’re probably thinking it’s past time for your restaurant to start offering online ordering to your patrons. You’re also worried about what you need to do to get the online order system setup to start reaping the benefits. We know that you’re the best person to make your special sauce or secret recipe, so that’s why you should trust us to be the best at getting your online ordering up and running.

The good news is that you can continue running your restaurant without having to start devoting extra time to learning how to implement online ordering by contacting

Let’s get started today at making your website ready to take online orders.