Five Advantages of Online Ordering

The location of a business has always been extremely important to the success of a business. Today, however, the phrase “location” has become much broader in its definition. As opposed to a physical address, it is arguable that “.com” locations are much more relevant.

For businesses that rely on well-structured ordering systems to make their business and location work, online ordering systems are revolutionizing the economy. With the ability for costumers to take over the ordering process themselves via websites and apps, you can save money, perform smoother services, and increase your revenue.

The results businesses gain from switching to online ordering systems is powerful, so if you want to get in on the action, you need to begin now. To help convince you further, we have put together this list of the top five advantages online ordering has to offer your business:

1. Thoroughly Integrated POS Systems

Because very few systems are uniform across all chain restaurant locations, many franchise struggle with implementing new promotions into their POS systems. Online ordering can help alleviate this issue, as many online ordering systems are situated above the POS, they can easily integrate themselves into multiple POS providers at once. For franchised restaurant locations, and other widespread businesses, this is an amazing feature.

2. Larger Average Check Sizes

One of the most frustrating things about ordering food is the long lines, wait times, and constantly being on-hold. Thankfully, online ordering systems allow you to cut down on this frustration, providing your costumers with the convenience of instant ordering. With the extra time for leads and sales, your ability to gain more revenue is significantly boosted. On average, clients tend to experience at least 25% of a jump in their average check sizes after integrating self-service ordering at their business. Additionally, the broad marketing campaigns that are unlocked, and the customer analytics to be gained, are highly beneficial. According to a recent study by the Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, almost all hotels surveyed experienced “considerable increases in order frequency,” after implementing online ordering systems.

3. Increased Throughput

Self-service ordering systems allow businesses to become ubiquitous with their POS systems. When going online, the ability for a customer to order is available at virtually any location where they have phone signal or Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, you will be able to increase the amount of customers you can process, without the need to hire more employees, making your potential for revenue skyrocket! Given the options you can provide for order preferences, you can also unlock the ability for customers to place orders far in advance, giving you a great idea of what your business traffic will look like on any given day.

4. Better Marketing ROI

Recently, the professionals over at BIA/Kelsey performed a study examining how people search for local businesses and restaurants. The study shows that 97% of customers use the Internet as their primary tool when looking for the perfect store, or place to eat. When providing an online ordering system, you are opening up your brand to many advantageous ways to grab the attention of your customers, including: SEM, SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media Platforms, and more. With the advent of online ordering, you also allow the customer to skip the awkward browsing phase, and immediately put them in the position of being at a virtual “order counter.”

5. Fewer Misunderstandings

Some of the largest frustrations business owners, customers, and employees deal with is miscommunication. Especially at restaurants, the potential for accidentally messing up a costumer’s order is quite large. To guarantee you cut down on these mishaps as much as possible, online ordering systems are perhaps your greatest tool. With online ordering systems, your lines will never be busy, communication issues will be taken down to a minimum, and you can allow more clients to reach out to you during peak business hours. Additionally, without the need to have an employee painstakingly try and communicate custom options to your customers, your clients can easily make their needs clear, and see all their options laid out in front of them clearly. Finally, studies have shown that customers tend to tip up to 4% more when using an online ordering system.