Boosting Facebook Posts: An In-Depth Look

For many small business owners, Facebook is the one social network that gets actively maintained, and the one social media site where it makes sense to invest time and money. While there are a whole ton of unique benefits to maintaining other accounts as well, Facebook does have the largest user base of any social media site. And for restaurant owners looking to budget a small amount of profits into social media marketing, Facebook is a great place to start.

Whether you use the leading social media site to market your online food ordering system, or simply rely on the platform to communicate with your local fans in a modern way, Facebook has a lot of options to help you spread your posts and message to a wide audience. Today, we’ll take an indepth look at Facebook’s “boost post” option, and discuss how restaurant owners can benefit from the tool.

How To “Boost Posts” on Facebook

In order to benefit from the “boost post” feature on Facebook, you will need to first have a Facebook page set up for your restaurant and have made a post that you think is worth marketing to your audience. If you have invested in online food ordering for restaurants, this is a great opportunity to help promote your business’s new technology. Otherwise, select a post that will help your business if more people see it. Big event announcements, new hours or menu options, or any other essential news is a good option for a “boosted” post.

Once you’ve made a good post that is worthy of getting “boosted,” it’s not too hard to access the “boost post” feature. First, visit your page and find the post you want more people to see. Then, click the “Boost Post” button in the bottom right hand corner of your post. From there, you can select your audience and budget for your boosted post, and decide how long you want a post to be boosted for. Plus, you can quickly enter and change payment information here, and make sure that your credit card information is all accurate. Once everything is set, just click the “Boost Post” button and your done.

Choosing and Audience and Budget

When setting your audience and budget for a boosted post, you need to realize that the more you invest, the more people will see your posts. But the power of marketing on Facebook really comes from the fact that you can be very targeted with where your posts show up: by toying with the “choose audience” feature, you can effectively narrow down your promotion efforts to people who are most likely to actually enter your restaurant and boost your bottom line.

Since Facebook’s power as a marketing force really lies in its ability to target who sees your post, you may find it more beneficial to your business’s bottom line to invest a smaller budget in your “post boost” campaigns, and instead invest in multiple campaigns. Instead of selecting as wide of an audience as possible and dumping a lot of money into one post, select a smaller audience more likely to actually patronize your business and split up your social media marketing budget into multiple “boosted” posts. That way, your audience base most likely to actually patronize your restaurant and help you see a return on your advertising investment will see your posts more often, and your marketing efforts will go to the right place.

Of course, there are times when boosting your posts to as wide of an audience as possible is a better idea. When you first announce your online food ordering system, for example, there’s no reasons not to try to get the word out as far as possible. You could win over new fans with your new technology, and everyone who sees your posts are potential online ordering customers. You will have to make the decision about how big of an audience you want to boost your posts to, and how big of a budget to invest in your boosted posts. But keep in mind that often, there’s good reason to keep your audience smaller and boost more posts instead.

“Boosting” Facebook Posts Can Create REAL Customers

The power of Facebook’s “boost post” option is that it can lead to real, paying customers in your eatery. Advertising on Facebook can seem like an odd choice, since the social network is international and many people on Facebook won’t have ever heard of your business or won’t turn into paying customers. But with the ability to choose your audience and direct your posts at smaller segments of the massive Facebook network, you can reach real locals who are likely to become real paying customers at your restaurant. That’s where the power of Facebook’s “boost post” feature lies, and a great reason to invest in marketing on the social network when you can.