How Orders2.Me Can Prevent Food-Ordering Frustration

Imagine this scenario: You’re hungry. You want to eat at your favorite restaurant, but after the day you’ve had, the last thing you want to do is get dressed to go out. So, you open a browser and go to your favorite restaurant’s website. You immediately notice that the site has been redesigned — and this is where the trouble starts. Images don’t load correctly, links don’t go where they’re supposed to go and the checkout process is a mess. You eventually give up and order the food over the phone. Your food is on the way, but was it really worth the hassle to order from them if it means going through all that trouble again? Now imagine that this scenario is happening to customers who are trying to order from your restaurant.

Unfortunately, this scenario can be frequent. Although you have good intentions when you redesign your restaurant’s website, it can bring untold frustration to even its most frequent users. While orders might still be able to come through on the phone, the truth is that many customers are used to and prefer the ease and convenience that ordering via the internet brings over the seemingly antiquated process of ordering with a phone call. App redesigns don’t always fare much better. As the update is pushed out, customers start to report bugs and glitches, and very soon after people just decide to go with a different restaurant.

If you want to avoid this problem, then it’s necessary to have an expert in your corner who can help your restaurant when you want to redesign and update your digital platforms. This is where Orders2me comes in. Our team of experts are ready to help you and your business as you grow. Here’s why Orders2me is the perfect fit for your restaurant’s online ordering solution:

Orders2me Saves You Frustration

Orders2me is the perfect partner for your restaurant because our experts are ready and able to help redesign your website from the ground up. As your business grows and expands, we can help your digital content reflect those changes as well. New menu items and new digital content require occasional updating, and little details like banners and logos can benefit from freshening up every now and then.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, these new elements can turn into a nightmare as they turn customers away, rather than bring them in. Orders2me can help you avoid this problem by designing and maintaining the perfect website for your restaurant. In fact, we can continually update your site to reflect your changing needs.

We can also manage your mobile app as well. Our experts are just as adept with mobile technology. So, as technology expands, so will our knowledge to keep you up to date no matter what.

Orders2me Saves You Money

When a customer wants to order from your restaurant, they want a smooth path from beginning to end. Any roadblocks customers encounter leave the potential for you to lose orders. If the ordering process goes smoothly, you open up the potential for every one-time order to become repeat business. So, ensuring your customers experience a smooth transition every time, Orders2me can help to increase your profits.

Orders2me Saves You Time and Energy

Even if you know enough about web design to throw a band-aid on any problems that come up, you will still benefit from having the helping hand of Orders2me by your side. The time, effort and money you spend trying to fix your problems can be better spent on other aspects of running your restaurant. By letting Orders2me handle your digital content, you can be free to take your restaurant in new and exciting directions, without having to worry about the aspects of the digital end.

Orders2me can help you save time and energy by handling your orders, too. When an order comes through an Orders2me website or app, we send the order directly to you, and also handle the payment as well. That means that there is nothing you have to worry about other than filling that order and making your customer happy.

All in all, working with Orders2me ensures a smooth-running website that can meet the needs of both restaurant and customer. If you haven’t yet contacted us to see how we can help you, why not do so today?