Three Things You Can do Now to Promote Your Valentine’s Day Deal

Now that February is here, it is time to turn your attention to that sweetest of all holidays, Valentine’s Day. February 14th is a particularly important time for those who are trying to figure out exactly how best to show their love. Of course, there are fallbacks like candy and flowers, but a romantic dinner is always a solid option. Instead of going out to dinner, an increasing number of couples are opting to celebrate the holiday with a romantic dinner at home.

You can make sure your restaurant can get in on this deal. By planning ahead and doing some legwork, you can make sure your restaurant plays a central role in your customers’ Valentine’s Day dinners! Here are three ways you can promote Valentine’s Day specials.

Send out an Email

Emailing is still one of the best and most effective methods of connecting with your customer base. This is the ideal time to dust off your email distribution list and put it to use. Blast out an email that details your Valentine’s Day menu and specials to all your current and past customers. If you have a list of potential customers, send it out to them as well. Here is a great template that you can follow:

“Dear (valued customer):

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, consider providing a romantic dinner at home.

If you are worried about the hard work that goes into preparing a romantic dinner, let us ease your mind. Send us your order, and we’ll do all the work!” All you need to do is enjoy dinner with your love.

After that, list your holiday specials and promotions. Be sure to include pictures and a few links to videos that showcase specific menu items. Highlight your best dessert options as well.

If you truly want your Valentine’s offerings to stand out, partner with a local florist so customers can also order flower arrangements to go with their romantic dinners. It is a great way to help your restaurant stand apart from the others.

Social Media Posts

While email is still one of the most common and reliable ways to communicate, social media has become the largest digital force on the planet to date. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and many other social media platforms reach millions of consumers every day, and are now the largest and most effective ways to advertise. So, it is to your advantage to use social media to promote your Valentine’s Day specials and make your customers aware of them.

Creating content and posts is the basis of all social media advertising. Make a post that lists your menu items and boost it to ensure that all of your followers and others in the local area see it. Videos work just as great on social media as they do embedded in emails, perhaps even better. So, create posts that highlight special menu or dessert items and include a video of them being prepared. You can even add an element of human interest by including a video of your employees talking about what Valentine’s Day means to them.

Blast out a Mass Text

Sending out automated mass text messages is another great way promote your restaurant as a Valentine’s Day option. There is a good chance that you have access to a large list of text destinations from customers who have downloaded your mobile app. Now is the time to gather those numbers together and send out texts to these people since they have already expressed interest in your restaurant.

The content of your text blast should be similar to that of your mass email, but it needs to be shorter and more concise. Let the recipients know that your restaurant is the perfect place to create a romantic dinner for you and your love. Then, provide links to your menu as well as any other advertising content you created, all of which should also be on you mobile app.

For more ideas on how to promote your restaurant as the go-to dine in, takeout or delivery option for Valentine’s Day, or for help implementing these ideas, contact Orders2me today. We can help make your restaurant thrive on Valentine’s Day and the other 364 days of the year, too!