What You Need to Know About Https

If you pay attention to the URL of a website, then you know that the domain name is only part of the equation. In addition to the name of the site and the location of a specific page, most URLs begin with a string of letters. In most cases, the letters are either “http” or “https.” These letters are indications that are important for anyone who builds or maintains a website to understand the difference between these two designations, as it will drastically impact your site in the near future.

What the Difference?

When looking at these two designations, the only noticeable difference is that one includes the letter “s”. This singular letter is incredibly important because it stands for “secure.” In a nutshell, a website that begins with “https” is secure, while one designated as “http” is not.

To expand on this point, your website is a string of information that your computer needs to understand. Http is a code that lets websites and computers speak the same language so they can interact with each other. However, Http is a basic, universal language. So, any website with it can be read by any computer. Traffic and information sent over a regular http connection can be intercepted by anyone with the proper knowledge, creating a huge security risk. Anyone sending sensitive information like credit card numbers over one of these connections is in danger of having the information stolen.

Https connections add an unbreakable layer of security to avoid this problem. When a computer connects to an https-designated site, the computer and website in question immediately agree on a one-time, unbreakable code. All the information that is sent then gets translated into and out of this code. Because the encryption is a unique one-time code, it is completely unbreakable. So, if someone tries to nefariously intercept this information, although it may be seen, it will be encrypted in a way that cannot be broken.

Why is This Important?

Knowing the difference between http and https is vitally important when it comes to your online sales. When customers place an online order with your restaurant, they must hand over private and sensitive information, including financial information like credit card numbers as well as phone numbers, emails and physical addresses. If this information gets into the wrong hands, the consequences can be devastating. You owe it to your customers to do everything in your power to make sure their information is safe and secure.

While the security of your customers is of paramount importance, the https designation also protects you and your restaurant’s sensitive information. Since it is easy for a non-secure website to be accessed and intercepted, a backdoor can easily be created for people to enter and steal a company’s information. The security protocols of an https website prevent that from happening.

Google is planning to release an update of its Chrome browser in June. The updated browser, Chrome 68, will prevent unsecured websites from being displayed. Once the new browser is rolled out, the one-billion-plus people in the world who actively use chrome (which makes up over 44% of the internet browsing field) will no longer be able to visit your site if you have properly secured your site. So, if you do not update your site and security protocols, you will lose potential business and have a serious lack of revenue in the future.

Although this information may seem daunting to you, it does not need to be. The good folks at Orders2me are already aware of everything that is needed to make your restaurant’s digital platforms safe and secure for both you and your customers. When you work with us to build your restaurant’s website, you can be sure that you are getting the latest in security technology. If you have not yet talked to us about your restaurant and how we can help you, do not wait, contact us today!