5 Blogs Every Restaurant Owner Should Read

The “information age” isn’t just some euphemism.  These days, there’s so much information and knowledge around us all of the time, thanks to the internet, that you can learn just about anything about anything from the comfort of your home.  And as a restaurant owner, you need to use this to your advantage.  Your competition will be doing everything they can to get an edge, including honing up on the latest information they can find on the internet.  And if you want to stay competitive, you should as well.

While there is still a lot of value in reading books and printed periodicals, blogs have become the cutting edge information delivery avenue for small business owners in the modern era, and as a restaurant owner there are quite a few great blogs out there you should be keeping up with.  In addition to reading our blog here (thanks!) check out each of the five blogs below to approach your business as a lifetime learner, and do the right kind of research to stay competitive in your industry.

  1. Business Banter

“Business Banter” has a whole lot of fun info that’s applicable to all small business owners, not just restauranteurs.  They cover a huge variety of topics, but focus on practical tips and articles that can provide real skills to business owners that translate into profits.  For example, they regularly post things about advertising, how to best invest in yourself as a small business owner, and other such level headed and useful topics.  That being said, “Business Banter” likes to keep it light as well, and posts a lot of content that is genuinely fun and light to keep some of the stress out of talking about business.  If you are looking for a good mix of straightforward tips on business issues and fun, light content, this is a great blog to keep up with.

  1. Buzztime

For decades now, Buzztime has kept a close eye on the restaurant and bar industries, mostly due to the fact that they offer popular trivia games for casual eateries.  But over that time, they’ve built up a huge wealth of knowledge about what makes casual and “fun” eateries work, knowledge which they generously share through their business blog.  Unlike some other blogs run by big corporations, Buzztime doesn’t ever feel over promotional, and instead takes an honest look at things restaurant owners can do to liven up their atmospheres and bring in a younger, more fun loving clientele.  Keep up with this blog if your restaurant has a fun and casual side that you want to develop further.

  1. Restaurant Business

If you are looking for a blog that tackles the real nuts and bolts challenges of running a restaurant, this is a great place to start, as Restaurant Business shares a whole ton of information on everything from menu development and pricing to advertising in the digital age.  Their offerings are varied, and some restaurant owners may find some of their articles to be too “introductory.”  But even the most seasoned restauranteurs will learn something new here if they spend enough time browsing Restaurant Business’s articles.  Especially since the blog takes a curator’s approach to content, and posts a lot of articles written by authorities in the industry.

  1. My First Restaurant

Some days, running a restaurant can just feel like one failure after another.  But know that in all of your failings and mistakes and troubles you are not alone, and this well written blog can help remind you of that fact.  Gabe DaSilva, a now successful food entrepreneur, writes vividly about the everyday challenges that face restaurant owners, and some of the practical steps that business owners can take to overcome them.  DaSilva relates the experience of running his first restaurant, which he often calls disastrous, and writes in a fun and reassuring tone that will help restaurant owners realize they aren’t alone in their struggles.  This is essential daily reading, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Good Food

The home of LA Times Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold, Good Food is a blog totally dedicated to quality in cuisine.  And it’s a great place to read up on modern trends in higher end and specialty cuisine.  Even if your restaurant is more casual and less high-end, there are a lot of great tips here about where to buy the best ingredients at the best prices, how to get the most out of cheaper ingredients, and how to cater to “foodies.”  This blog is entirely run by people who have devoted their lives to food, and it shows.

Read Everything You Can!

Thanks for reading our thoughts here, but don’t let your reading journey stop with one blog!  Read as much as you can form the five sources above, and stay on top of the competition!